Why Alphas Don’t Get Mining Barges

The forums tends to see certain complaints/requests posted over and over again -nerf cloaky camping, nerf ganking, CCP killed my play style, I have sand in my vagina, and so on. One of the most common requests, however, has been to give alphas access to mining barges. And since I’m tired of saying the same things over and over again…

Unsustainable Economic Activity

CCP intentionally restricted the ships, mods, and activities that alphas had access to for two reasons. The first was to limit the amount of economic damage they could do. Now, I do see where alpha miners are coming from, as out of all the careers they have access to, mining seems to be the most limited. However, mining is a semi-passive activity that scales really well by adding alts, and there are ways to circumvent the limit of having only one alpha account logged on at a time (which is against the EULA). Thus, giving alphas increased mining ability would make it much easier for botters and unscrupulous players to harvest vast quantities of ore and drive mining incomes into the ground. I know it sucks for the alpha miners out there (especially since they have no realistic path towards plexing their account through mining), but it is what’s best for the game as a whole.

Incentive to Go Omega

The second reason CCP limited alphas was to give them incentive to go omega. I know, I know, CCP does owe us a free game, but they are also actively developing Eve and have overhead costs. So, if you like the game, you might consider supporting it by going Omega. Personally, I recommend that newbros get a sub rather than burn themselves out trying to plex their accounts. However, if you can’t afford a sub due to unfavorable exchange rates or whatnot, you should look up “how to make isk as an alpha” on Youtube. There are not only plenty of ways that alphas can make decent money, but also step by step guides out there. Do be aware, however, that many creators will exagerate incomes for clicks. So keep your expectations in check.

The Future of Alpha Mining

CCP mentioned in a recent dev blog that they would give all mining ships a balance pass. Naturally, I can only speculate as to what CCP will do, but there is the small possibility that alphas might come out better in the deal.

Of course, if you like the game, you should support the game. Also, mining kind of sucks. The two best things about it are the social aspect, and the ability to scale well with alts. So, if you’re not going to mine with friends and/or multibox eleventeen alts, you should probably investigate other career opportunities. Eve has gotten a lot better about this over the years, but the career agents still nudge a lot of players into mining and missioning -and Eve has so much more to offer than that. Of course, if you actually enjoy mining, you should by all means keep doing it. What you shouldn’t do, however, is mine just because it’s one the first things you were exposed to. I know it’s low effort and relatively low risk, but mining rewards also reflect that.

TL:DR – Go Omega, find a different career, or do both.

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