CSM XVI Candidate Cheat Sheet


Well, I wasn’t going to do a candidate cheat sheet this year due to how busy I am in RL, but I still needed to figure out who I was going to vote for and found myself having pretty strong feelings about some of the candidates *cough RonUSMC cough*. So, I figured I’d might as well make a cheat sheet this year.

Unfortunately, I got started so late that I haven’t been able to give all the candidates the research time they deserved. Needless to say, I think it’s a little unfair to give recommendations on some of the candidates, considering just how little I know about them. That being said, I am already familiar with many of the candidates (i.e. they already ran for and/or served on the CSM), so I am prepared to give recommendations on many of them.

And, I know this list is super late (only 2 days left to vote), but hopefully it will help at least a few people make more informed decisions.


Once again, I was not able to give every candidate the time they deserved. Thus, you should not consider this list to be all inclusive list of everyone that would likely make a good CSM representative.

Anyway, the first list is composed of guys that stand a really good chance of being elected. The second list is of candidates that I like, but that have less of a shot. However, some of them have come relatively close in the past (i.e. 15 or 16 out of 45), and the STV voting system means that your vote is never truly wasted. Thus, you shouldn’t hesitate to vote for anyone here if you like them. More on all these candidates can be found below.

Best Hope Candidates

  • Brisc Rubal – Community (CSM XIII & XV)
  • i Beast – Solo/Small Gang
  • Kenneth Feld – Industrialist (CSM XV)
  • Mike Azariah – HS | Community (CSM XIII, IX, X, & XV)
  • Phantomite – LS PvP (CSM XV)
  • Sutonia – Solo/Small Gang (CSM XII & XIII)

Other Endorsements

  • Arsia Elkin – LS | Lore
  • Dutch Gunner – HS | Pochven | Group PvE
  • Jurius Doctor – Community
  • Maldavius – Pochven
  • Rixx Javix – LS PvP
  • Stitch Kaneland – Solo/Small Gang

Not Recommended

  • RonUSMC – Does not value the entire player ecosystem. If he were to get his way, he would make the game objectively worse. More down below.
  • knockerwrench Alduin – Doesn’t seem to have a lot of grass roots support, and put no effort into his campaign. Don’t waste your vote on someone who isn’t even going to try.
  • Lucrative Business Opportunity – 3 words: Eve Crypto Blockchain
  • Rheaha Preynar – Candidacy Withdrawn
  • Styxx – Another guy who doesn’t seem to be trying. To be fair, he did seem to put more effort into his campaign thread this year, but (afaik) he still didn’t bother to do any interviews or anything else to help raise his profile. He’s been eliminated early in the past, and I don’t expect him to do any better this year.
  • Xenuria – Meme Candidate. I’ll start taking his campaign seriously when he does.

Over and Under Representation

First, I actually do like some of the Null bloc candidates. However, thanks to their organization and vote trading, the play style is overrepresented on the CSM. Thus, I recommend that non-bloc members not vote for most bloc candidates. Most of them do not need any help getting elected. That being said, there are a few excellent candidates from null blocs who represent more than just the null bloc play style, and who might actually need some help getting elected.

Second, I highly, highly recommend that after you vote for your preferred candidates, you fill up the rest of your list with strong candidates that represent other play styles (i.e. if you live in LS, fill up the rest of your list with HS, WH, and Pochven candidates). All play styles deserve representation -not just the one that can meta-game the voting system the best.

Finally, I didn’t include any pure WH candidates in my list because there are a lot of strong non-bloc candidates running this year, and, as far as I know, none of the wormholers have enough support to be viable. So, if you’re a spooky space guy, you should probably make sure to fit Stitch Kaneland in on your ballot. And if you’re in known space, you should probably make room for more viable non-bloc candidates before trying to squeeze a pure wormholer on there. And, I apologize upfront if I underestimated any of the WH candidates.


I got so frustrated with the new wordpress editor that I eventually just decided to type my list in word, and then screenshot it. Unfortunately, this means that none of the hyperlinks will work. And yes, if I can’t get this sorted, I will switch blogs.

Also, I listed some of the candidates’ endorsements from other Eve famous people. However, I didn’t do this for everyone. So don’t assume that a candidate didn’t get any endorsements just because I didn’t list any.


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