Just wanted to post an excessively long response to a viewer comment/question concerning lvl 4 missions as a newbro in the MMO known as Eve Online

Can you make a video on running l4 missions for alpha clones like the ones you did on incursions? I thought those were helpful and interesting so maybe you could make this one in a similar format. I’ve got 4mil+ sp on my gallente character so i think i’ll be able to handle l4 missions(preferrably afk) but i dont know where to get started and i cant find anything online on this topic

Honestly, I don’t think it’s worth it for either of us.  High skill blitzers in blinged out fits can make good isk, but low skill pilots are going to make garbage money.  Moreover, the training time and isk requirements to blitz level 4’s are so high that it makes it a poor career choice for all but the most committed loners.

Instead, I recommend that alphas get into nullsec ratting, incrusions, or low level abyssal filaments.  Each has their pro’s and con’s, but if you wan’t an activity that you can afk/semi-afk, nullsec ratting will be your best bet.  A properly fitted ratting VNI can just pick something to orbit, drop drones, and go make a sandwich.  And with a wireless headset and active voice comms, you can even count on getting prompt and reliable intel updates.

However, if you’re dead set on doing missions, I can offer a couple of Dominix fits -one shield, and one armor fit.  Unfortunately, you can’t use Sentry Drones as an alpha, but I think that both these fits will work.  Now to be clear, I have not tested them.  So use them at your own risk.  That being said, this is where I’d start.

Armor Fit

If you have armor skills, I’d definitely recommend the Armor fit.  It’s biggest advantage is that you can swap DDA’s for additional tanking mods to start out, and then swap back to DDA’s if you find that you’re overtanked.  Thus, it makes testing out the fit a little less risky.  Moreover, the drone navigation computer will help your drones apply damage faster, and the cap batteries will offer you a little bit of neut protection.

alpha armor domi

  • Undersized guns use less fitting room and capacitor, and make it a hell of a lot easier for low skill pilots to hit stuff in unbonused ships with no damage application mods.
  • Use spike on long range targets, and javelin on anything that gets close to you.  If you can’t use T2 guns, you’ll be stuck with anti-matter and (shudders as he types it) iron charge.
  • The Auto Targeting System can be annoying when you’re trying to lock frigs, but it helps to generate threat for your domi -which can keep agro on you, and off of your drones.  Some people swear by it, others say it doesn’t work.  Honestly, it’s a complicated subject which seems to involve applied damage of the ship, applied damage of the drone, using ewar mods (including the autotargeter for some reason), rat damage application to drones of various sizes, relative distances, and the AI that the rat uses.  What I can say, however, is that I have personally seen it work like magic on certain fits in certain content, and gotten rather mixed results in other situations.  Thus, I suggest you test it out with your fit and content, and go from there.
  • You’ll be cap stable with either your armor rep or afterburner running, but not both.  So run the rep while killing rats, and the AB when you need to taxi to a gate (or to a distant group of rats).
  • Use Eve Survival to look up missions before you run them.  Select your armor hardners based upon incoming damage.  Select drones based upon rat resist profiles.
  • Kill Scraming frigates first.  If things start to go south, you want to be able to warp out.  Other priorities will include frigates and destroyers (they are particularly dangerous to drones), and ewar ships (i.e. neuts, sensor damps).  After that, work your way up the ship sizes (since cruisers and BC’s are more likely to attack your medium and heavy drones that battleships are).
  • Use Light drones on Frigs and Destroyers
  • Use Medium Drones on Cruisers and BC’s (heavies will usually work, but they seem to be more likely to draw their agro)
  • Use Heavies on Battleships
  • T1 drones are cheap, and you’ll plenty of drone bay space for spares.  However, you will not be making enough money to be able to afford losing T2 drones left and right.  Keep a sharp eye on their health, and pull them back in if needed.

Shield Fit

The shield fit isn’t quite as good as the armor fit, but it should work for those who lack the armor tanking skills.

alpha shield domi


Alright, I hope that helps.  Like I said before, nullsec ratting might be more your speed, but feel free to ask if you still have questions or other problems.

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