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I’ve had a few requests for my old P.I. spreadsheet.  Unfortunately, it used Eve-Central to fetch prices.  Fixing it isn’t high on my priority list, but I will give instructions on how to do it yourself.  Fortunately, I’ve already done the first couple of steps, but  I leave the labor intensive part up to you.

Also, I probably will do a spreadsheet video at some point, but there are other videos I want to work on first.  So, until I do, this article with have to suffice.  As far as tutorials go, it’s half-assed; so, I think I’m going to leave it untagged, and just provide the link to those that request it.  If you have somehow stumbled upon this post, and need full instructions, let me know (post comment here, post comment on my channel, A Bad Show For Bad People, or send an in-game email to Shipwreck Jones).  I should be able to get it done within a day or two.


Link to my Excel Spreadsheet.   I used google drive to share it, but if you open it in google sheets, it might break stuff.  Instead, download it to your computer, and then go from there.

Step 1: Copy the Link itself (and not the whole cell)

step 1

Step 2: Left Click on the cell immediately to the right in order to select it (this is where we’ll create our connection)

Step 3: Select the “Data” tab

Step 4: Left Click on “From Web”

Step 2.png

Step 5: Paste link in to address bar.

Step 6: Press “Go”

Step 7: Press “Inport”

step 3

Step 8: Press Okay (we already have the cell selected where we want to put the data, so we don’t have to change anything.)

step 4

Step 9: Repeat these steps for each TypeId

Step 10: Profit


Alright, if you have any problems, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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