Eve Online: Rogue Swarm Alert Live Event (18 Sept – 1 Oct, 2018)

Cryptec Mimesis Skins are certainly unique, and will likely appeal to some players.

Updated 2018-09-20


  • Capable of being completed by Alpha’s and Newbro’s
  • Best Solo’ed by a Stratios or Strategic Cruiser
  • Requires Hacking to get a Crack at the BS Loot Drop
  • Maximizing Points per Site will require Pew, Hacking, & Salvaging
  • Recommend Blitzing:
    1.   Hack Can (optional: kill frigs and destroyers from first wave in order to avoid drone losses)
    2.   Kill and Loot BS
    3.   Ignore the salvage task as it’s not worth the time (unless maybe you have really good salvage skills).
  • Rewards Include: Skins, Faction Drone BPC’s, Cerebral Accelerators, Agency Drugs, and a BPC for the new ‘Subverted’ JVN-UC49 drone (which is in between a medium and heavy drone in terms of stats, but in a somewhat generous way.)

New Drone


  • Site: Rogue Swarm Nest (Found throughout space)
  • Faction: Rogue Drones
  • Damage to Resist: BS – 80% Explosive & 20% Kinetic | Cruisers & Below – EM & Thermal
  • Damage to Deal: BS – Explosive vs Shield and EM versus Armor, or just use Kinetic* | Cruisers & Below – EM
  • EWar: None Observed
  • 1st wave warps in after you.  Destroying all ships will trigger waves 2 and 3.
  • Waves 1-3: 1-2x Frigates | 1-2x Destroyers | 1-2x Cruisers
  • Bonus Waves: Approx 8-12x Drones (Randomly spawn at any time)
  • Hack “Disabled Swarm Overmind” can with Data Analyzer to spawn BS Wave.  A non-bonused ship with a T2 Analyzer can do it, but everyone with lesser skills will probably need a bonused ship (i.e. Stratios).
  • BS Wave: 1x BS (contains main loot drop – Faction Drone BPC’s, Cerebral Accelerators, & Agency Drugs observed).
  • Do note, that the BS can warp out.  It appears to be tied to time in site plus some random amount of time.  Regardless, you have about 8-10 minutes total to kill it.  Also of note, it has been reported than warp disruption modules will not stop the BS from leaving.
  • Salvaging the Swarm Overmind Tertius (BS) wreck rewards Drone Parts and completes the Overmind Dissection Agency task.
  • Do note, that it took me about 3 minutes to salvage the wreck with 3x T1 Salvagers and Salvaging at level III.  Multiple salvagers are recommended in order to give you more salvage chances per cycle.  Salvage drones would take for ever, assuming they are even capable of salvaging the wreck.

*Info based on information found on https://hoboleaks.space/Tranquility_1379501-1381452.html –> New Items –> 48799 – Swarm Overmind Tertius x01 –> Click to toggle showing the 95 attributes.  If i understand correctly, resists are the inverse of the numbers show (i.e. Shield EM Deamage Resistance 3.0 is translates to a 70% Shield EM Resist, and a .6 translates into a 40% resist).  This is what someone told me, and my in-game damage seems to be consistent with it.


  • Based upon observed rewards, higher skill players will probably be better off sticking to their normal isk making activities, and then buying skins or whatnot on the market.
  • Medium skilled players will probably want a Stratios.
  • Lower skilled players can complete the site with with a T1 kiting destroyer; however, I recommend a T1 cruiser.
  • Fitting Options include:
    • Using a Mobile Depot in order to refit a Data Analyzer and Salvagers as needed
    • Pairing up (1x Damage Dealer and 1x Utility).
    • Sacrificing a mid slot on a Data Analyzer & Ignoring Salvaging
    • Sacrificing a mid slot and one or more highs on a Data Analyzer and Salvagers respectively

For the Newbros

Kiting Destroyer

Kiting Destroyer

Here’s one kiting destroyer capable of completing the site, but the principle is the same for the other races.  Upgrade/downgrade modules as skills and fitting room dictate.  I left 2 rig slots empty.  Use them for fitting, reducing align time, and/or damage.  Also, swap the scram for something else, as it has been reported not to stop the BS from warping.

You won’t have a lot of tank, so you’ll need to kill everything (no blitzing).  Kite the cruisers and below (15-20km) and shoot them with a longer range ammo.  When the BS spawns, fly under its guns and hit it with your highest DPS ammo loaded.  Just don’t forget to spiral in (check out Agony Unleashed’s video for more info https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WT8VqVcLDqc).   Even a low skill pilot should have no problem with the cruisers and below.  However, the BS can take you down quickly if you approach him instead of spiraling in.

Brawling Cruiser

T1 Cruiser.png

So here’s the deal.  I didn’t actually test to see what the minimum viable tank for cruisers for this site is.  And, I’ve done all the testing that I’m going to do.  I can say that this tank handled the BS comfortably; so you could go lighter, but I couldn’t tell you by how much.   Also, don’t forget to keep your transversal up against the BS, as AB fit cruisers can mitigate damage from battleships.

You can kill everything, but I recommend blitzing the site by hacking the can, and then killing the BS.  If you want, kill all but one ship from the first wave in order to reduce incoming DPS.  Personally, I killed the frigates and destroyers as they had a tendency to target my drones.

Utility Frigate


50 DPS isn’t much, but it can actually help if your buddy is also really low skill.  Once again, keep range on the smaller ships, and spiral in on the BS.  You’ll have even less tank than a kiting destroyer, so you’ll definitely need to keep your tansversal up.  Also, do note that it’s possible that the bonus drone waves may spawn on top of you, so be prepared to quickly pull range if required.  If things start to go south, remain calm, turn off your prop-mod, and warp out.  Finally, if your buddy is capable of doing decent damage, you might consider staying off grid when rats are present, and warping in only to hack and salvage.  And don’t forget to bug out immediately after hacking the can.



Even though the Stratios has a utility high, I found it to be a waste of time to salvage with a T1 Salvager and Salvaging at III.  You might have better luck with better skills and a T2 salvager.

Yes, I put a polycrapon rig on it.   It gave me a 4s align and a slightly higher velocity.  Swap it out for a Hybrid Damage rig if you want.

Depending on skills, this may be more tank than you need.  If so, feel free to swap the Nano Pump rig for a damage or warp speed rig.

Blasters do more damage and are less demanding on cap and PG than Energy Turrets.  Moreover, they do a reasonable amount of damage to both shields and armor of the BS.  The only downside is the much shorter optimal, but it’s not a problem in these sites.   Missiles and Projectile Turrets could also work, if you have better skills for those weapon systems.  If you’re really trying to minimize site times, use explosive versus shield, and EM versus armor.  Kinetic is almost as good, however, and a decent choice for the lazy.

Use Acolytes and/or Infiltrators on Cruisers and below, as they are more susceptible to EM damage.  Use a mixed flight of Wasps and Vespas on the BS.

I also like being cap stable while doing PvE (so I can more easily watch youtube and not have to micromanage my cap).  Feel free to swap out a cap module if you’d rather up your efficiency a bit.

Finally, I highly recommend blitzing sites with this ship.


Ensure the following objects are set to show on your overview by going to Open Overview Settings –> Tab Presets tab –> Types subtab.  Then check the following boxes.

  • Celestial –> Beacons
  • Entity –> All Irregular ships


TLDR: I was grumpy when I first wrote this post, and a little harsh on the event.  However, I still think CCP should stop requiring players to manually claim their agency points.

Honestly, I was a little grumpy yesterday when I first wrote this post.  I was planning to give the event the full treatment and make a video, but was irked when CCP waited until the last second to put the sites up on the test server.  Having slept on it (and having found out that Cerebral Accelerators are in deed part of the rewards), I feel more inclined to view this event favorably.  However, I do still wish that they would stop making players manually claim their agency points.  Supposedly, it’s to combat botters, but that seems kind of absurd.  I mean, if a botter can write a program that can warp around, hack cans, and loot specific wrecks, then I highly doubt that having to manually claim agency points would pose any sort of problem for them.

TLDR: I like to maximize SP gained per month, and minimize the isk/SP cost of those skill points.  Thus, I don’t like it when CCP doesn’t provide a sufficient enough of a heads up for new events, and I end up overpaying for my SP because of it.

I also wish that CCP would either space events out a little bit more, or give players enough of a heads up so that they can plan accordingly.  In order to keep my characters boosted until the 23rd, I spent 1.4 bil on extended accelerators from the last event,  (the accelerators expired on the 18th, but if you consume an extended accelerator before then and have biology V, you get up to 6 extra days of +10 to your attributes).  But then CCP turns around and starts a new event with cerebral accelerators on the 19th.  And based upon site completion times and drop rates, I anticipate that the isk/SP ratio for these accelerators will drop below the 1,550 isk/SP rate that I paid for the extended accelerators from Secrets of the Abyss -well, assuming that CCP gets the market bug sorted out soon.  Anyway, this isn’t the first time that they’ve done this, and I’ve heard other players complain it about it as well.

 TLDR: Fix timer creep for the Cerebral Accelerators

And while I’m at it, it would be cool if CCP did something to deal with timer creep for the accelerators.  Like I would love it if you could consume another accelerator if you had 4 hours or less remaining on your current one, and then have the times add up.


  1. [Vexor Navy Issue, Rogue Swarm]

    Imperial Navy 1600mm Steel Plates
    Imperial Navy Drone Damage Amplifier
    Imperial Navy Drone Damage Amplifier
    Corpum A-Type Medium Armor Repairer
    Corpum A-Type Energized EM Membrane
    Syndicate Damage Control

    Sentient Omnidirectional Tracking Link, Tracking Speed Script
    Gistum A-Type 10MN Afterburner
    Zeugma Integrated Analyzer
    Sentient Sensor Booster

    Salvager II
    Sisters Core Probe Launcher, Sisters Core Scanner Probe
    Auto Targeting System II
    Drone Link Augmentor II

    Medium Anti-Thermal Pump II
    Medium Processor Overclocking Unit I
    Medium Auxiliary Nano Pump II

    ‘Augmented’ Acolyte x5
    ‘Augmented’ Infiltrator x5
    ‘Augmented’ Praetor x5

    Tracking Speed Script x4
    Scan Resolution Script x1
    Sisters Core Scanner Probe x8


  2. Thanks for the review it was helpful. Need data analyzer, check. Note salvage drones tech one worked to salvage wrecks.


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