Eve Online: Dawn of Liberation (10-24 July 2018)

Updated 2018-07-06


We have another live event coming up in a few days, so I thought I’d share what I know.  Do note, however, that everything on the test server is subject to change.

  • Date: 10-24 July 2018
  • No Amarr Standing Loss Observed
  • Where: Amarr Space (Verified) | Angel Space (Unverified)
  • Beacon: Unsanctioned Labor Camp
  • Loot Drops Include: Dawn of Liberation Skins, Cerebral Accelerators, & Agency Drugs
  • Agency Rewards: Includes skin crates & tiered reward crates (contents unknown).



Unsanctioned Labor Camp beacons can be found throughout Amarr space.

  • Local Flavor Text: “Liberation Hauler: I Cannot stay for long: 15 minutes –20 tops.  Get to work!”
  • No initial spawn
  • Sites persist until all cans are hacked.  The Hauler probably only sticks around for 15-20 minutes though.
  • Justice Liberator Hauler sits at beacon and can hold 400 Freed Slaves.  He warps off when full, and does not seem to return.  This leaves approximately 600 slaves left in site.
  • Plenty of crap to get hung up on (fortunately, the collision boxes are appropriately sized to the models)
  • Human Containment Facilities
    • Approximately 9 per site
    • Must be hacked with Data Analyzer
    • Difficulty comparable to normal Highsec cans
    • Each can contains approximately 100 Freed Slaves (1 m3 per slave)
    • Every time a can is hacked, there is a chance to spawn an enemy wave.
  • Rats


  • Smallest Spawn Wave Observed – Approx 4 Frigs | 2 Cruiser
  • Largest Spawn Wave Observed –   Approx 8 Frigs | 4 Cruisers | 1 BS
  • Damage Profile: EM-70%   | Therm-30%
  • Resist Profile:     EM-1 | Therm-.8 | Kin-.5 | Exp-.4*

*Note: I got the resist information from HoboLeaks –> Attribute Changes per Type –> Ship Name –> Click to toggle showing the X attributes.  At first, I thought the numbers were simply percentages (with 1 equaling a 100% resist), but I was able to damage the rats with EM drones, so I guess I don’t know how to interpret those numbers.  Feel free to leave a comment if you do.


The can hacking isn’t particularly difficult, but it does seem to be beyond what an unbonused ship and a T1 Data Analyzer can handle.  Do note, I didn’t try Memetic Algorithm Bank Rigs or HC-90x implants in order to boost Virus Coherence (HP).  However, even with sacrificing the rig slots, it still might not be enough to make up for the lack of a Virus Strength (Damage) bonus.

As such, I recommend a Stratios or a T3 cruiser with a covert reconfiguration subsystem for those who have the skills.  For newer players, you’ll either need to team up, or swap ships mid site.  A T1 exploration frigate with a 3-4k EHP tank and a 3-5s align will have more than enough time to warp out when rats spawns.  Then you can either reship to a T1 cruiser, or have a buddy take them out.  Once the rats have been disposed of, go back to hacking.

For tank, I had approx 82% EM & Thermal Resists, 20k EHP, & a 250 EHP/s armor rep.  The double-sized, BS spawn managed to get me down to about 75% armor before I started to turn it around by clearing DPS from the field (of course, I was using energy turrets and the wrong drones).  And do note, maximizing EM and Thermal Resists will make tanking the rats easier, but will also make you more vulnerable to gankers.  So don’t fly with too much loot in your hold if you’re sporting a juicy explosive resist hole.

Finally, do note that if you have faction standings below -5, Amarr Navy ships will attack you within Amarr space.  Check out Faction Standing Repair Plan if you want to find out how to quickly raise your Amarr standings.

Overview Setup

Ensure the following objects are set to show on your overview by going to Open Overview Settings –> Tab Presets tab –> Types subtab.  Then check the following boxes.

  • Celestial –> Beacons
  • Entity –> All Irregular ships
  • Entity –> Spawn Container


As of right now, all the hacking seems to serve only as an annoyance that slows down site completion, and therefore, loot drops/hr.  Of course, it’s still a lot better than the Federation Grand Prix, so you won’t catch me complaining.  I do, however, wonder if they limited the event to Amarr space in order to encourage player interaction, or simply because of lore reasons.  Regardless, we can probably expect increased site competition and ninja looters.

Eve Online is a PvP focused, sandbox MMO.  Check out What is Eve Online if you want to know more.



  1. For some reason the rats including frigates all seem to be taking full damage from heavy drones. A bay of praetor 2s makes this pretty trivial


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