A Response to Comments on The Problematic Content of Boondock Saints

To be clear, it wasn’t my intention to accuse anyone of being racist, or to tell people that they can’t love the media that they love. However, as someone with an internet connection, I’m aware of various people asserting that problematic content pervades modern media. Needless to say, I couldn’t help but be reminded of that assertion when watching The Boondock Saints for this series. So, I tried doing some research (which wasn’t easy due to fact that many research papers lie behind paywalls), reflecting on past experiences, and doing some thinking, before I arrived at the conclusion that I did in the video. I thought I had done a pretty good job stating my opinion, but thanks to some comments, I’m starting to suspect that I could have done better. So, I’ll try restating it as clearly and concisely as possible.

  1. Do I think problematic content, as asserted by SJW’s, exists in media? I do -with the black people never surviving a horror movie cliche being the issue that really sealed the deal for me.
  2. Do I think that this is harmful to individuals or society? Not really, and I remain staunchly opposed to media scapegoating.
  3. Do I think that there are people that are legitimately concerned, offended, and/or disappointed with said content? Yes.  And I find it rather interesting that people accuse SJW’s of being dishonest, having been accused of lying myself in my What is Eve Online video.  Of course, people are entitled to disagree with me; what perplexes me is that multiple people thought my legitimate opinions were lies.  Regardless, the whole experience has led me to give others the benefit of the doubt when it comes to their belief in their expressed opinions.
  4. Do I think that media needs to change to in order to address SJW concerns? No. Whether you’re making something for profit, or for art, it’s your creation. As long as you don’t advocate real-world violence, self-harm, or anything like that, you can make whatever you want (see 1st amendment). If you want something else made, then you should go and make it. Barring that, vote with your wallet.
  5. Do I think it’s wrong for people to criticize media on the grounds of problematic content? No (see 1st amendment).
  6. Is it wrong to rebut SJW’s?  No, as long as you aren’t a dick.   And let me state unequivocally, sending rape or death threats are not justified under any circumstances.  It doesn’t matter whether someone is a little bit wrong, a lot bit wrong, lying, advancing an agenda, or being disrespectful.  Two wrongs don’t make a right.  Oh, and am I the only one that thinks it’s a little bit ironic that many SJW critics seem to be complaining about the harm of SJW’s complaining about the harm of problematic content.
  7. Does problematic content mean that you can’t love your stuff anymore?  Of course not; why would it?  However, I think the true issue is that when other people make problematic content salient, it ends up tainting the stuff we love -which we don’t particularly care for.  I’m reminded of a time my half-sister farted.  I walked out and into the living room and said to no one in particular, “I had to get out of there because Rena farted.”  My step-mother, who was in the room, declared that, “your sister doesn’t fart.”   I retorted, “yes she does; and yes, she did.”  We then proceeded to get into an actual argument over whether or not my sister farts before Rena finally came into the room and said, “everyone please calm down! And yes, I farted.”  I proceeded to throw my hands up and give my step-mom an incredulous look when she replied, “she doesn’t fart, she poots.”  In short, we don’t like people pissing on the things we love, and the veracity of their claims often seems to be inconsequential.  Not only is this something that I understand, it’s something that I have personally experienced.  However, I have chosen not to respond to people pointing out flaws in my stuff with obstinance, anger, and/or hate.  Instead, I’ve chosen to try to make a meaningful contribution to the discussion, and to go on loving and recommending the media I love, whether it contains problematic content or not.

Watching Movies with Friends

I didn’t start this series because I wanted to launch a social justice crusade, make political or social statements, or anything like that.  For some reason, I like sharing the stuff I love with my friends and family in real life, and I thought it would be cool if I could do that with the world (while also making a bit of money on the side).  Thus, I was hoping that I could make one video addressing problematic content as pointed out by SJW’s, and never have to deal with it again.  Was it foolish of me to think so?  Probably.  Do I regret making the video?  Only a little bit.  I really don’t want to have to deal with this issue any more, but at the same time, I’m sick of discussions being dominated by the vociferous extremes.  Hopefully, you agree with me; and if not, that’s okay.  It won’t be the first time you’re wrong, and it’s certainly not going to be the last 😉 .


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