CSM XVI Candidate Cheat Sheet

Intro Well, I wasn’t going to do a candidate cheat sheet this year due to how busy I am in RL, but I still needed to figure out who I was going to vote for and found myself having pretty strong feelings about some of the candidates *cough RonUSMC cough*. So, I figured I’d might […]

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The Internet’s Trash Can

You have been directed here because you are spreading misinformation, promoting unfounded (and potentially dangerous) conspiracy theories, are relentlessly negative, and/or are otherwise intolerable. Please, put your garbage in the trash, and keep the rest of the internet clean of your bullshit.

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Forsaken Fortress Complaints

There’s been a bit of grumbling about the Forsaken Fortress update, and I wrote a forum reply so long that I figured I might as well turn it into a blog post.  Hell, I’ve probably should have done this with a quite a few of my walls of text. Background The Forsaken Fortress update introduced […]

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CSM XV Candidate Cheat Sheet

Never Enough Time I started earlier this year, and still ran out of time.  As such, I didn’t get to research a lot of these guys as much as I would have liked.  I read all the campaign threads, and watched the CCP interviews, but didn’t get to go through a lot of their other […]

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Avoiding Demonitization on YouTube

Introduction Okay, I spent damn near a week fighting youtube’s algorithm for determining what is advertiser friendly.  Needless to say, this process was rather frustrating (and I may have gotten a little testy towards a few players on the forums as a result of my foul mood), but I did learn a few things.  So, […]

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gigX’s Redemption

Real quick, gigX was banned in 2017 for making real life threats against the Judge after he betrayed him and Circle-of-Two.  Check out this link if you want to know more. Recently gigX created a petition asking for CCP to commute his permanent ban -which I have mixed feelings about.  On one hand; He created […]

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Just wanted to post an excessively long response to a viewer comment/question concerning lvl 4 missions as a newbro in the MMO known as Eve Online

Can you make a video on running l4 missions for alpha clones like the ones you did on incursions? I thought those were helpful and interesting so maybe you could make this one in a similar format. I’ve got 4mil+ sp on my gallente character so i think i’ll be able to handle l4 missions(preferrably […]

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Place Holder for Something Better

I’ve had a few requests for my old P.I. spreadsheet.  Unfortunately, it used Eve-Central to fetch prices.  Fixing it isn’t high on my priority list, but I will give instructions on how to do it yourself.  Fortunately, I’ve already done the first couple of steps, but  I leave the labor intensive part up to you. […]

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